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     Company Overview


Established in 2005, Karkia is a private company providing quality services to the industries in the fields of advanced nondestructive testing (NDT) and automation. Despite its short business life, Karkia has been quite successful in delivering high quality NDT services to oil and gas industries and keeping clients satisfied with the quality and level of services. Also, Karkia is now developing its activities to other countries.


Karkia has close collaboration with local and international companies and academic centers. In NDT section, we are the partner and exclusive agent of  Applus RTD (Röntgen Technische Dienst bv) which

is one of the biggest international

NDT companies based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

It provides a wide range of NDT services and

inspections, stretching from specialized pipeline testing, on-stream monitoring and scanning, detail inspection to data management. In addition, Applus RTD offers a number of specialized services in the area of probe production, radiation hygiene, and training.

Also Karkia has cooperation with Idrotec Submarine Technology S.r.l (IST) from Italy in the field of Offshore and ROV services for the marine installations inspection and survey.

Karkia also has cooperation with K. N. Toosi University of Technology for Research and Development.


Karkia can provide quality services to the industries in the following sectors:


· Pipelines and storage tanks

· Oil, gas, and petrochemical plants

· Offshore platforms and facilities


     Mission and strategy


Karkia’s mission is to implement all its power to best serve its clients, grow the quality of services, achieve the client’s benefits, and thus be well recognized in its fields of activity.

In this way, we enjoy experienced engineering staff and employees, up-to-date and new technologies, and international and local partnership with well-known companies.


We believe in:

                      Client; as our support for continuing services,

                      Experience and Know-How; as our strong point,

                      Personnel; as our backbone


Above every thing else, we serve our clients one thing...


Peace of Mind