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Corrosion is often an unseen threat to your technical installation. The inspection methods used to detect it often involve labor intensive preparations which are time consuming and expensive. We can change this. RTD-INCOTEST system can relieve you of the burdens associated with inspection and help you to achieve both short term and long term savings.



What is INCOTEST ?


RTD-INCOTEST (INsulated COmponent TEST) is an unique corrosion survey method that allows ferrous objects to be surveyed without the need to make contact with the surface. This means that measurements can be performed on objects covered with insulation, asbestos, fire proofing, concrete or coating. High expense for removal of this coverage can be avoided.

It can significantly reduce the associated inspection costs, in some cases as much as 75%!


- RTD INCOTEST does not require cleaning

or removal of concrete, coating or insulation.

In most cases scaffolding is not necessary.

This results on substantial saving on traditional

inspection preparation costs.

- Customer benefit from fact that RTD-INCOTEST

can be applied when the plant is in service and

without removing of insulation and lagging. This

also results in substantial cost saving when

asbestos is present.

- By monitoring with RTD-INCOTEST you

substantially reduce the chance to failure

and fatalities. Assessment of the damage that

results from Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

or Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) is a relatively

inexpensive and prudent prevention measure.

- The RTD-INCOTEST sensor can be easily

handled by a diver or a rope access operator to

improve accessibility. For measurements on

risers and caisson in the splash zone or deeper

a manipulator or Remotely Operated Vehicle

can be applied.

- RTDINCOTEST can also be used to detect

Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC). A comprehensive report which enables you to allocate funds for the areas where they are most needed.


INCOTEST is aimed at the detection of larger area (not localized) corrosion. This Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) technology can be applied while the plant is in operation over a wide range of climatic

conditions and temperatures. If work

areas are well prepared and if the objects

have easy access, 1000 or more

measurements can be executed daily.


Typical applications are:

- insulated vessels,

- pipelines and storage tanks,

- legs of spherical tanks,

- riser/caisson (splash zone)

- rough corroded or coated surfaces (steel sheet pilling)

The technique is perfect for screening applications. Customers gain the knowledge they need about their installations well before shutdowns so that they can allocate maintenance budgets to where it is required most urgently.

System Advantages Summary

- Measurements can be performed when plant is in service
- Fast, up to 1000 measurements a day is possible
- System can work on batteries or a net power
- System is ruggedised and can handle tough conditions


System Performance


- Wall thickness: 3-65 mm

- Insulation thickness: up to 200 mm

- Operation temp.: -150c to +500c
- Accuracy:  5%

- Repeatability: 2%

- Duration of one measurement: 4-10 seconds