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One of the most important areas in NDT and inspection, is services for existing installations onshore and offshore. As in most cases number of existing facilities is much more than under construction projects.


Owners and operational teams implement all available tools from data management and acquisition, monitoring systems, optimization methods and  professional personnel, to keep these facilities up and running.


One of these approaches is NDT and Inspection services which has an important role in keeping facilities in service and to avoid any unwanted shut down, damage or accident.

Karkia provides a wide range of services in the field of maintenance inspection to oil, gas and petrochemical plants from down stream to upstream, onshore and offshore.

These services are categorized based on their degree of importance and each one contains services which can be used for it's specific application. Services cover all sorts of pipelines, tank farm, piping, vessel and facilities. From inspection techniques to software approaches, assessments and integrity services.