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Offshore Services



The inspection services provided by Karkia are of three major types: New Construction, Maintenance and Offshore service.

To carry out each type of these services, a set of inspection methods and specialized techniques are used. For New construction, the inspections are mainly focused on weld inspection methods, mostly based on ultrasonic technique. For maintenance, services consist of various techniques including ultrasonic and Eddy current testing.

Although the principles of some these techniques are very well known, many of them are used in combination with automated and computerized methods which makes them quite different from the old methods and in some cases they are a true "novelty". Most the above mentioned techniques are developed by our main partner, Applus-RTD.


Applus-RTD enjoys 70 years of experience in non-destructive testing (NDT) services. It is an independent international company specialized in NDT and inspections, both standard and tailor-made. The company provides a wide scale of NDT services including specialized pipeline testing, on-stream monitoring and scanning, detail inspection, and data management.
In serving our customers, Karkia considers the quality of the services and customer satisfaction as its main objectives. Besides the strong support from our partner, Applus-RTD, we enjoy a team of well-trained technical staff which helps us to:

- best serve our local customers,
- deliver the latest inspection technologies,
- increase the capacity of our services
- rapidly respond to the needs of our customers