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Ultrasonic Instead of Radiography

Radiographic test of boilers and pressure vessels is extremely time consuming. Production has to be halted, there is a radiation hazard and the processing of the data can take anything from a few hours to several days. In short an awkward but necessary interruption of you operational activities.
Thanks to Applus-RTD Vessel Scan®, this is a thing of the past, as Ultrasonic inspection enables us to determine the quality of all welds quickly and without any risk to health.

What is Vessel Scan®?

Applus-RTD Vessel Scan® is an ultrasonic inspection system that checks the condition of a boiler or pressure vessel in conformity with ASME Code Case 2235-6.
This equipment, scans walls with a thickness of up to 200mm without any difficulty and indicates immediately where welding flaws or irregularities are located. The high scanning speed enables about 100m of welds to be inspected per day. Moreover, Vessel Scan can also be used to inspect complex geometries, such as angled and tapered welds.

The advantages of Vessel Scan®

- Scans wall thicknesses from 13 to 200mm in one pass
- Scans 100m of welds per day
- Suitable for material types P1, P3, P4 and P5 (low alloy carbon steel)
- ASME Code Case qualified (for S, U and U2 stamp)
- Results immediately viewable
- Digital data storage
- Suitable for simple and complex welds
- Minimum setup time
- No interruption of production
- No radiation hazard
- Cost saving


Inspection of vessel welds also is possible by means of TOFD technique during and after construction. (more..)